Carpet Cleaning Service

We Have a Range of Carpet Cleaning Service Options

When you have a carpet in your premise, your home or office décor has an extra elegance added to it. Isn’t it? The colourful carpets and unique patterns complimenting your walls and interiors make the sphere perfect in look and feel. However, it’s high time that you realise that the carpets are one of the household accessories that are prone to bacteria and germs attack. Worried?

Well, you don’t need to bother until you have us with you. At Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning, we specialise in all kinds of carpet cleaning aspects, including domestic and office carpet cleaning. Our range of services offered to clean your carpets varies hugely based on what kind of cleaning your carpet actually requires.

Types of Carpet Cleaning We Offer

Steam Cleaning

Calling it by the technical name will introduce you to the Hot Water Extraction Cleaning, which better defines the process of tidying your carpet. Of course, you undergo vacuum cleaning almost every day to ensure there is no dirt accumulated in the carpet. But you must know that your carpet acts as a holding area for the dirt and bacteria present in your house. As a result, the ambiance is not only unclean but unhealthy at the same time when your carpet is untidy.

In fact, most of the respiratory issues are caused because of the unclean environment that you live or work in. With steam cleaning, our professionals ensure your house is more than 90 percent free from the unhealthy and untidy organisms that accumulate in your carpet. Well, if you undergo professional carpet steam cleaning frequently, you can be assured of no germs at all in your surroundings.


If you have a low-pile commercial standard carpet in your premise, this is the cleaning process you should opt for. Firstly, your carpet will be pre-treated with a cleaning solution and then a machine will be used to let that solution get into each and every fibre that your carpet has. Once the solution gets dried up, it traps the germs. And then regular vacuuming does the magic.

Dry Cleaning

This is one of the most popular residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Sydney as it perfectly utilises the latest technological advancements of the cleaning industry. It is also termed as bonnet cleaning or absorbent pad cleaning. Our professionals know how to apply the cleaning solution to let the dirt trapped in the carpet fibres and then the absorbent pad is used to soak the solution and clean the carpet.

What’s Special About Our Professionals?

Whether it is a normal carpet cleaning process you want to go for or it is a residential carpet steam cleaning, our professionals are well-trained and they know how to serve you. They know the tricks to make your cleaning service do wonders on your home and office decor.